Quivers Admin. Panel Updated Layout

The sidebar on the new Admin Panel now takes up less screen real estate, giving you more space to review orders and manage your catalog.

Business settings are no longer next to your business name; Settings and Support are their own menu items in the left-hand bar.

Individual user controls have moved to the bottom-left where you can access user-specific settings and log out of the panel.

Quivers has a NEW Look!

When we originally launched Quivers, we had one goal in mind; eliminate channel conflict in eCommerce by connecting brands with retailers more effectively. Since that time, we’ve helped over one hundred brands across various industries with this endeavor, ensuring brands are able to grow online while strengthening their retail channel.

Introducing Expedited Shipping and Custom Fees on Quivers

Quivers is excited to add expedited shipping alongside standard shipping and in-store pickup. As part of this update, Quivers has also introduced custom fees by shipping region.

Customer expectations have never been higher when shopping online; Deloitte's 2016 Holiday survey shows that only 42% of holiday shoppers considered 3-4 day shipping to be fast. This is a significant decline from 63% of customers believing 3 day was fast in 2015!

Quivers Commerce Network

Quivers Commerce Network allows Brands, Publishers, and Retailers to connect with just one click!  Through the Quivers Commerce Network, as a Brand you can find new Retailers as well as Publishers and Media companies eager to sell, not just promote your products.  As a Retailer, use the Quivers Commerce Network to connect with multiple Brands and offer variety to your customers through your online store.  If you’re a Publisher, this is your chance to reach out Brands that you’ve been promoting and quickly create your own storefront without the hassles of carrying inventory or fulfilling orders.

In-Store Pickup Coming Soon!

The shopping experience notifies the consumer if an item must be picked up in store, or if the product is eligible for in-store pickup. 

The order dashboard will display which authorized fulfillment connections currently have the ability to claim an order. Additionally, the location of those fulfillment connections to the consumer's shipping address will display on a Google map.