Quivers has a NEW Look!

When we originally launched Quivers, we had one goal in mind; eliminate channel conflict in eCommerce by connecting brands with retailers more effectively. Since that time, we’ve helped over one hundred brands across various industries with this endeavor, ensuring brands are able to grow online while strengthening their retail channel.

Just like your brand and industry, we've evolved our business over the last 5 years to help brands reach more online channels and more unique audiences. While we will continue our core objective to eliminate channel conflict, we have seen a great need that goes beyond sharing orders. This demand stems from current solutions that limit a brand’s ability to create exclusive online experiences that are catered to specific consumers.

Our mission moving forward is providing brands the freedom to choose: Where to sell online    |    How to merchandise   |   Who does the fulfillment

We have realigned our team, solution, and business to help brands reach their online goals, offering exceptional and personalized purchasing experiences with increased options for supporting the retail channel, all while keeping each brand in full control.

Over the next few weeks and months, you will see new solution enhancements released that are aligned with our mission. We will be updating you along the way so you can take full advantage of those new offerings.

As part of our updated objectives, I’m proud to showcase the new Quivers branding, representing our new three-tiered “freedoms” along with our three audiences: brand, retailer, and consumer.

I speak for the entire Quivers team that we are excited to work with you to transform and grow your business. Thanks for being part of the journey.


Ruben Martin, Co-Founder & CEO,  Quivers Inc.