Quivers Admin. Panel Updated Layout

Quivers is updating the Admin Panel to reflect our new branding. This update also brings changes to the Admin Panel's primary menu that allow you more working space and simplify navigation.

Updated Layout

When you log into the Admin Panel you will now be brought directly to your order feed. This will allow you to review the order feed faster and quickly claim available orders.

The sidebar on the new Admin Panel now takes up less screen real estate, giving you more space to review orders and manage your catalog.

Business settings are no longer next to your business name; Settings and Support are their own menu items in the left-hand bar.

Individual user controls have moved to the bottom-left where you can access user-specific settings and log out of the panel.

These updates are designed to put the most popular Admin Panel features in your hands when you log in. We continually improve our platform to put more control in your hands; the panel will continue to become faster and more intuitive as we issue updates in the coming months.

If you have any questions, please contact Support or access our Knowledge Base.

The Quivers Team www.Quivers.com