In-Store Pickup is Here!

Welcome to the future of online shopping.

Quivers continually strives to provide tools for Brands and their brick-and-mortar Retailers to expand their businesses through eCommerce. This is yet another example of Quivers leading the next generation of online shopping.

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The In-Store Pickup feature is a perfect blend of consumer wants and business needs. To create a shopping experience unlike any other, the in-store pickup feature was designed for consumer convenience and added business fulfillment options.

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During the purchase of a product online, the Retailer map allows the consumer to select from a list of preferred retail locations by showing where your retailers are located.

Retailers receive alerts in real-time so in-store pickup orders can be processed efficiently.

Consumers will receive a notification when their order is ready to be picked up.

Happy consumers pick up their order, excited about how easy and fast it was to get their products!

To get started using an in-store pickup, visit our 

Knowledge Base

to read the step-by-step guide.

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Thank you,

The Quivers Team