Introducing Expedited Shipping and Custom Fees on Quivers

Quivers is excited to add expedited shipping alongside standard shipping and in-store pickup. As part of this update, Quivers has also introduced custom fees by shipping region.

Customer expectations have never been higher when shopping online; Deloitte's 2016 Holiday survey shows that only 42% of holiday shoppers considered 3-4 day shipping to be fast. This is a significant decline from 63% of customers believing 3 day was fast in 2015!

Expedited Shipping

Quivers is excited to add expedited shipping to your shipping options alongside standard shipping and in-store pickup. This feature is available today for immediate use.

Shipping speed is customizable through the admin panel and you can now adjust the shipping time period displayed for standard and expedited shipping options.

The orders overview and order details screen have both been updated to reflect the customer's shipping choice. Fulfillers can make claim decisions based on speed and inventory levels.

We advise that you notify retailers before activating this feature to ensure the best possible customer experience.

Custom Fees

Depending on the items you sell, certain laws may require additional fees to be presented and collected from customers for online orders. Quivers has released custom fees to create fees and taxes that can be applied by state, province, country, region and/or product type.

Custom fees support unique naming, disclaimers, and fee structures within your product catalog. Fees are then reflected in the shopping cart during checkout, on receipts, and in the order screens when claiming.