NEW Discount Feature Released

We redesigned our discount engine so that you can offer your customers the discounts they deserve.  Whether it’s for a global product launch, an incentive program, or simply because you are feeling generous, create the discounts you want when you want them.

Our discounts engine is smarter than ever allowing you to spend less time configuring and more time considering your marketing message.

Free Product

Do you want to boost your sales? Give your customer that one special item with their purchase that will keep them coming back for more. Create a free product with purchase discount.

Buy One Get One

Do you want to incentivize your customers to spend more? Set up a buy one get one free discount. Better yet, how about buy three and get one free discount?

Email Exclusive Discount

Do you want to increase your marketing strategy and pump up your email leads?  Set up an exclusive "email only"discount!

To get started using Discounts, visit our Knowledge Base to read the step-by-step guide walking you through the new Discount interface.

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