Personalizing the Consumer Journey

“Personalization is the automatic tailoring of sites and messages to individuals viewing them, so that we can feel that there’s a piece of software that loves us for who we are.” - David Weinberger (American technologist, professional speaker) 

With the dawn of the digital age, today’s consumers are more knowledgeable, hyper-connected, and have amenities such as being able to shop at home, pick-up items in-store and on the go.  An omni-channel shopper today demands a seamless and more personalized experience. 

So what does it mean to have omnichannel personalization?

In layman terms, omnichannel personalization is about unshackling your consumers to succeed, whenever and wherever they want. Omnichannel personalization has become the most distinguished opportunity for businesses to become more consumer centric and effortlessly boost consumer engagement. Creating a perfect omnichannel experience is not just hitting the mark to have orders seamlessly fulfilled, but also personalizing an individual consumer’s shopper experience based on their purchase history, time spent, shopping journey, browse history, and social habits.

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Personalization extends to much more than just welcoming back a returning shopper or showing recommendations based on their previous purchases. Today, personalization is mainly focused on what data you can collect about the consumer to create a memorable experience that leaves the consumer intrigued and wanting more. The question for retailers isn’t whether they need to change, it’s in fact; “where to begin?”

Most consumers don’t differentiate shopping on a brand’s ecommerce site, they want a cohesive experience no matter where they engage with a retailer. One of the best ways to provide a cohesive consumer experience is by offering the opportunity to engage with your brand across a variety of physical and digital platforms. In today’s competitive omnichannel  landscape, Quivers offers brands the tools to engage the ever-changing sophisticated consumer. 

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Quivers offers a solution that goes beyond the limits while remaining robust, simple, and easy to use. Welcome to the next level of consumer shopping experience your brand can offer!     Quivers provides brands with a full omnichannel experience, enabling new marketplace opportunities and engaging authorized retailers for fulfillment, think of it as your very own personalization kit!