Now is the Time for Brands & Retailers to Work Together

If you’ve been putting off selling on your website, the current crisis likely has you considering making the move online.


You love and need your retail network, and you can help them by selling on your website and sharing order fulfillment.


Most all brands can benefit greatly from a physical interaction with their consumers.


This is an opportunity for the best brands and retailers to find ways to work together.

Learn more about how Quivers can help you sell direct on you website and share those orders with your retail network, to help your best dealers.

Solve Channel Conflict with Quivers Distributed Order Fulfillment 

Our software makes it easy to sell online, while sharing fulfillment of those orders with your retail network, in order to solve channel conflict and keep your dealers supported through these difficult times, and beyond.

What is the Quivers Platform?

Quivers is a commerce platform that lets brands sell products on their website while sharing the fulfillment of those orders with physical retailers.  We bridge the gap between online and offline shopping. We help brands increase sell-in, reduce stock-outs, and ship faster and more efficiently.

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