Channel Conflict Resolution

Support your brick-and-mortar retailers while eliminating cart abandonment! Create an endless aisle experience by leveraging existing retailer's inventory to sell more products online.

49% of consumers believe integrating in-store, online, and mobile shopping channels are the best ways to improve the overall shopping and brand experience.
— UPS 2016

Control order fulfillment

The process of order fulfillment begins after a consumer places an order on the brand’s site.  Through a series of brand-controlled rules, Quivers sends out the order to the brand’s preferred stocking partners. Brands can choose local retailers, 3rd party distributors or regional warehouses as preferred fulfillment partners. The brand has the option to customize the fulfillment process based on proximity to the consumer, retailer’s stocking inventory, and/or specific product line.  

Distribution support 

Shoppers are taking advantage of fulfillment options, such as buy online, ship-to-home (64%), buy online, pick-up in-store (34%) and buy online- ship to alternative location (15%).
— Global Shopper Study, Zebra Technologies 2017

Keep consumers satisfied at all times. With Quivers, the brand has full control over customizing how orders are being processed, sent, and received. To ensure online orders reach the right retailer at the right time, Quivers runs on timers to distribute orders based on the brand's preferred method of fulfillment. The brand retains full control to direct, re-send, cancel, or claim orders at any time. Retailers are notified via email, SMS, and mobile app to ensure orders are claimed in real-time and promptly shipped.