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Maximize Profits with Quivers Omnichannel Fulfillment Solution

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Omnichannel Fulfillment Solution
for B2B Brands



Provide customers the convenience to purchase online and easily pick up at their desired store.


Ship from Store

Utilize store inventory to fulfill orders and optimize sales opportunities and revenue.


Ship to Store

Optimally leverage store associates and on-hand store inventory to fulfill from the store while reducing fulfillment costs.


White Glove Delivery

Provide premium delivery method for products that require special attention during shipping.


Take Your B2B Brand

Strengthen your Retail Network

Unlock the power of your entire retail network and ship stock from anywhere. Fulfill orders from the nearest store for faster delivery times and better inventory management.

Invigorate Your DTC Sales

Today’s consumers demand more Direct-to-Consumer options than ever before. While DTC isn’t easy, you simply can’t afford to let your brand miss out on the opportunity or market share.

Enable Distributed Order Fulfillment (DOF)

Sell on your website while reducing fulfillment times and lowering shipping costs. Participating retailers simply pick, pack and ship—while you both enjoy the incremental revenue.

Introducing Quivers' DTC Toolkit

Quivers’ DTC Toolkit has everything you need to start selling online. Quivers is the sophisticated and powerful all-in-one software that gives brands full control of their commerce ecosystem. Give your specialty brand the sales boost it deserves with Ship-from-Store and the rest of the Quivers DTC toolkit.

Case Study

Rossignol experiences 95% Increase In
Retailer Revenue With Ship-From-Store

Group Rossignol turned an e-commerce strategy into a simple, omnichannel landscape by connecting their retailer network with online order fulfillment to improve the consumer shopping experience. With 3X more online shopping environments, Rossignol saw a 95% YOY increase in retailer revenue.
Seamless Integration

Quivers Integrates with all Major Platforms

Our solutions plugs into existing order management systems, ERPs and most major ecommerce solutions like Magento, WooCommerce, Shopify, Drupal and more.


Scale your Brand and your Retail network

Quivers is not only a powerful commerce engine, but also an informational platform, where together we will continue to build trust and engagement with retailers and consumers.”

Sam Cook

Chief Commercial Officer, Tecnica Group North America


Frequently Asked Questions

Quivers Ship-from-Store benefits everyone, from brands, to retailers, to consumers. Sell to consumers via ecommerce, complete the transaction and manage orders, while selectively distributing orders to your physical retail network for local fulfillment and last mile delivery (retail pick, pack and ship).

Ship-from-Store is one of Quivers’ core features and an important part of our ever-expanding online platform. Quivers plugs into your existing Order Management and ERP systems. Sign-up to book a free demo!
Quivers’ Point-of-Sale (POS) Inventory Sync technology connects brand-held and retailer inventory. Access real-time data and provide your consumers with a more complete catalog available for purchase.
To get started with our one-of-a-kind DTC toolkit, reach out to our team today. Our Software has pre-built and custom integration capabilities to get you started in less than 7 days.

Deliver Faster, Reduce Costs
and Maximize Sales with
Quivers DTC Toolkit

Now, never miss another sale with Quivers. Maximize sales by leveraging your retail network
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