Exclusive Online Stores

Captivate a selective audience such as store employees, ambassadors, VIP members or pro riders, with the opportunity to buy items at the brand's controlled pricing and currency.

The average order value for an exclusive online store is 50% higher than the average storefront
— Quivers 2018

Customize online shopping

Deploy fully responsive online stores for exclusive member groups such as pros, ambassadors, store employees, or any other audience with selective products, currencies, and pricing. The brand can capture any audience based on grouping, product line, and/or store location rules. 




Position unique shopping opportunities

Position unique shopping storefronts on your own website, partner sites, affiliate sites, or as a standalone domain. By creating an exclusive online store for a particular audience, brands can offer consumers a personalized brand experience unlike any before.




Configure new discount strategies

With an exclusive online store, the brand has the choice of selecting what inventory to display for a particular audience such as last season’s products, pre-season new releases, or showcase special edition items. If desired, the brand has the ability to configure any specific product or group of products to have a percentage-off, buy-one-get-one, or free gift with purchase.


On average, a brand using Quivers will launch 3 online stores to connect with consumers
— Quivers 2018