How it Works

The Quivers platform has been designed with the brand and their authorized retailers as the guiding forces. With simple, intuitive, and informative user interfaces, the various features and system components work together to enable this unique solution. Please contact us for a demo so you can see how easy it can be to control all of your online product positioning, selling and fulfillment.

How It Works

Step 1. Build your Product Catalog

Build your product catalog in the way you want to configure your product information. Configure your product catalog with imagery, product messaging and unique price points. Need a faster way to get your products in Quivers? Use Quivers Catalog Import Tool to bulk import your products directly into the Quivers Admin Panel.

Step 2. Create a Marketplace and associate a Price Type

Once your product catalog has been configured, create a Marketplace and associate the shopping site to a Price Type. Once your product Price Types are loaded into the Product Catalog, connect your Marketplace to customize each storefront for unique pricing that matches your consumer type. Create your Marketplaces to be available to the public, or offer such exclusive pricing that the Marketplace is registration access only.

Step 3. Configure Your HoverCart

Each Marketplace has a unique HoverCart which can be configured custom to the audience you are catering to. Colors, Layout, and HoverCart template type can be configured directly from your Quivers Admin Panel. Quickly add the single line of Javascript code to instantly start selling products on your website.

Step 4. Configure your Claiming Groups

Configure your Claiming Groups to include products and Marketplaces you want your retailers to fulfill. Create as many Claiming Groups as needed to make your authorized fulfillment exact to your business goals. Order timers have configurable time slots so you can designate when your dealers are notified about orders. Full flexibility in these Quivers features allow for product and fulfillment control they way you want.

Step 5. Get Orders

As orders are placed on your Marketplaces; Shipping Policies, Claiming Rules, and Order Timers come together to create a business and consumer experience. Authorized retailers are notified according to your rules and the consumer is notified as the order is processed through the Quivers Admin Panel.

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