In-store Pickup / Ship-From-Store

Let the customer decide which method of fulfillment is best for them. Whether it's reducing shipping times or offering in-store pickup from a local fulfillment partner, give online shoppers an incredible buying experience.

57% of consumers reported having made a purchase online that they opted to pick up in-store due to convenience.
— Internet Retailer 2017

Create convenience

Create a win-win opportunity for retailers and consumers. With Quivers, brands can connect with retailers for fulfillment options like in-store pickup. Enabling in-store pickup lets consumers reduce shipping fees, and offer the convenience of same-day order pickup without the wait time.

Customize the fulfillment process 

The brand has the option to customize the fulfillment process based on proximity to the consumer, retailer's stocking inventory, and/or specific product line. Quivers helps brands provide the ultimate buying experience online-to-offline.

Decrease shipping times

Decrease shipping times while offering an incredible shopping experience. Unlike any other software solution, Quivers lets the brand focus on creating an exceptional online experience while moving products in the form of an endless aisle for consumers to shop anywhere they want with the ability to pick-up items in-store or have those items shipped from a local storefront within proximity to the consumer’s location. 

ISPU Map.png

Seamlessly connect

Communication has never been easier! Brands have full control over what messages are being sent to the consumer. By utilizing Quivers, brands can customize the communication of orders being fulfilled, shipped and available for in-store pickup or ship-from-store. Brands also are able to utilize Quivers for communicating better with fulfillment partners to ensure orders are sent and received within a timely manner.