Fewer abandoned carts on Shopify with one solution.

It’s something that all eCommerce businesses encounter. Shoppers browse your online catalog, find a few things they like, add them to their cart, and then for one reason or another disappear without completing checkout. There are a number of shortcomings in your eCommerce system that could be causing this. In this post, we are going to tell you the most effective way to increase conversion on Shopify by way of a reduction in cart abandonment.

Oftentimes brands try things like abandoned cart reminder emails and remarketing ads that do seem to move the needle slightly but are ultimately not fixing the problems causing the cart abandonment in the first place. It’s important to dig deeper and get to the root of the cart abandonment in the first place to effectively and permanently increase conversion.

Increase conversion on Shopify
Increase conversion on Shopify with Quivers BOPIS

Why do Shoppers Abandon?

When a consumer gets to checkout what is the main thing they encounter that they may have been unaware of up until that point? The answer is shipping and fulfillment options and costs. Consumers are put off by the cost, the shipping time, or the lack of fulfillment options that are available to them at checkout.

Reduce Your Shipping Cost

Cost is obvious. If someone is buying a $40 piece of gear and it costs $10 to ship it to them, that $40 piece of gear is now $50. Plain and simple. Their first thought is probably going to be “I bet I can find that on Amazon and it will be here in two days for free!”. When the cost of shipping is a noticeable percentage of the overall cost of the item, you better believe they are going to go look to purchase that item somewhere else that offers free shipping.

Increase Shipping Speed

Another obvious thing is shipping speed. Look…the reality is Amazon started offering free 2-day shipping in 2005 and since then everyone has been trying to play catch-up. Many of you who are reading this still haven’t even come close to offering free 2-day shipping 16 years later. So when a shopper adds something to their cart and they see it’s going to take 5 days, even if it’s free, there is absolutely nothing stopping them from going to look somewhere else that can get it to them faster.

Offer Omnichannel Order Fulfillment

The most direct, cost-effective, and efficient way to reduce cart abandons.

The final and possibly most relevant reason in the current environment is the lack of fulfillment options. People want to be able to get their product fast, cheaply, and finally, safely. In the wake of the pandemic, shoppers are more accustomed to curbside and in-store pickup options. It’s a fulfillment option that has gotten incredibly popular and allows consumers to buy online and pick up in-store (BOPIS) without having to go stand in a checkout line.

This fulfillment method is fast, free, safe, and especially during the holidays, incredibly popular. So popular in-fact that 68% of U.S. shoppers have already made a BOPIS purchase and 50% of consumers decide where to shop based on whether they can pick up in-store (Big Commerce).

Supercharge Your eCommerce

Add BOPIS to Shopify with Quivers.

If you haven’t considered adding BOPIS to your shopping we encourage you to take a hard look at it. We believe it is the most effective, beneficial, and cost-effective solution to increase conversion on Shopify. We have recently developed plugins for all major eCommerce platforms including Shopify, to make the implementation of our BOPIS system a breeze. Our Fulfillment by Retailer system adds a number of benefits in addition to those achieved through BOPIS. The additional benefits of our Fulfillment by Retailer include:

And MUCH more.

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