Trying to move furniture into a house or apartment is one sure-fire way to turn friends into foes. While you may start with good intentions, a “pivot… pivot… PIVOT!” is often followed by the inevitable “Shut up, shut up, shut up!” 

To put it simply, moving furniture, musical instruments, sports equipment—or just about any large, heavy or fragile specialist item—is something that should be left to the experts, and that’s where White Glove Delivery comes in.

But “what is White Glove Delivery?” we hear you ask. 

Thankfully it’s not a reference to a morally dubious pop icon’s favorite accessory, nor what covers a famous cartoon mouse’s hands (come to think of it, has anyone ever seen Mickey’s hands?!), but is in fact a premium delivery method for products that require special attention during shipping due to their size, weight or fragility.

What exactly could go wrong with delivery for these types of products?” 

The questions keep on flowing today! While we hate to be doomsayers, there’s a whole lot that can go wrong:

For one, “porch pirates” are now marauding neighborhood to neighborhood and swiping your treasure — 210 million packages vanished from porches in 2021. Shiver me timbers!

Really, “the last mile” should be called “the danger zone”: if a product gets damaged, nine times out of ten that’s where it happens. 

But if you’ve got it inside, the stress is over, right? Wrong. Anyone who has ever set up or installed a complicated product knows the wiping-sweat-from-brow, nail-biting, full-body stress of trying to follow instructions that feel like they’ve been written by an alien civilization. 

If this all sounds like a bad Michael Bay movie, then do the only thing you can to get out of those front row seats: Join forces with Quivers. 

Quivers White Glove Delivery greatly reduces the risk of theft, damage and returns thanks to the specialized care and attention paid by your partnering retailers’ staff. These staff are pros: they’re trained in how to handle, set up and assemble your products.

Consumers are sick of delivery fails and really want a dependable delivery service for when they order specialty products. White Glove Delivery can be used for specialty items like musical instruments and sporting equipment and is a favorite in the furniture industry — so you can say goodbye to your inner Ross and any sofa-pivoting moments. 

One of the keys to Quivers is flexibility and that doesn’t stop with White Glove Delivery: you take control of exactly how you want to offer it to your consumers. You can decide to offer options such as customization, room-of-choice setup and on-site assembly, and you can also choose which retail partners can fulfill orders, select distance limits, and much more.

Want to find out more about Quivers White Glove Delivery? Check out our Video and Press Release!

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