An independently owned, woman-founded company launched in 2006, koi, designs highly-fashionable and functional scrubs for consumers working in the medical field.  koi revamped its traditional retail selling method into a robust omnichannel solution to offer consumers a complete view of stock-availability globally, creating an exceptional buying experience.

Prior to Quivers' implementation, koi was unable to offer the entire product catalog online due to channel conflict within the retail network. This posed a problem for consumers shopping online because koi only offered a very limited selection of items in the online store. This resulted in koi losing out on potential sales and creating a consumer-friendly shopping environment.

“Before Quivers, our online inventory was a crippled version of our actual clothing line. Overall it was just not a good shopping experience for the consumer.” - Vice President, koi

Like many brands, koi avoided selling direct to consumers, fearing disapproval among its traditionally-minded retail network. Retailers felt that the brand should not be selling direct to consumers, but rather finding items in-store as the main path-to-purchase.

In 2014, koi made the decision to deploy Quivers as a solution to help bridge the gap between online-to-offline sales. Since deployment, retailers are now able to see what items are in-demand, and koi is able to better select what products to sell based on the consumer’s purchasing habits. These capabilities were not possible prior to Quivers.  

“Quivers addressed our core challenges by establishing a better shopping environment, displaying our entire catalog online, and allowing our retailers to capitalize on fulfillment of digital orders.” - Vice President, koi

Since launching Quivers,  koi has steadily increased year-over-year sales, 2016-2017 increased revenue volume by 23% more than previous years. In 2017, koi hit a record of delivering the most historical year-to-date sales revenue. Due to channel conflict being resolved, koi has significantly improved its relationship with local retail partners.

The Quivers platform opened up a whole new avenue for retail sales, extending across the globe. With the capability to offer its complete catalog internationally to markets such as Canada, koi is able to now reach consumers they were previously barred from.

With the help of Quivers, koi has been able to reach its goal of increasing sales revenue year-over-year and currently is projected to hit over 20% more than in years prior.

Industry: Apparel

Quivers continues to address koi’s specific selling needs, and effectively foster positive relationships among koi’s retail partners to increase global sales, and create a seamless online shopping experience by showing an accurate depiction of stock-availability.


  • Global selling compatibility

  • Solve channel conflict among traditional retailer network

  • Retailer support and engagement

  • Ability to allow retailers to fulfill online orders

  • Showcase complete stock-visibility online

Why Quivers?

  • Global sales compatibility

  • Ability to accurately depict stock availability online

  • Resolve channel conflict

  • Manageable product catalog

  • Launched international product catalog in Canada

The Solution

  • A single catalog featuring multi-price & currency selection

  • Connected eCommerce checkout solution to an existing website to create an easier way for consumers to select and receive desired items.

  • Seamless buying experience for the consumer to buy online and receive items in a speedier way

The Results

  • 2017 hit a record for koi in delivering the most sales revenue YoY

  • 2016-2017 increased revenue volume by 23%

  • 2018 monthly sales revenue have outperformed years prior

  • Revenue volume in 2018 is projected to hit over 20% more than years prior

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