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Koi wanted to grow their global eCommerce footprint while still supporting their retailers, and offer an amazing customer experience.

Industry: Apparel


- Expand distribution online globally

- Enable and support retailer engagement for online transactions

- Preserve brand integrity through controlled merchandising

- Detailed size, color, inseam SKU combinations

- Need for instant claiming and shipping


- Multi-price & currency single catalog

- Advanced order management

- Increased product sales

Why Quivers?

- Enterprise-level solutions providing full freedom to manage customer experience online

- Full eCommerce and omnichannel solution within a single SaaS platform

- Ability to launch unlimited online stores, residing on either the Brand’s or third-party websites

- Connect the Quivers shopping cart solution to an existing website to create a seamless buying experience

- Instant click-claim-ship technology to get products out the door instantly

The Results

- Launched internationally with 1 product catalog

- 26% average year over year online growth

- 8% repeat online purchase increase second year online

- 86% retailer fulfilled orders

Freedom to Sell Online and Beyond

Prior to deploying Quivers, koi’s sales were starting to rapidly grow. It was clear a better way to get products into the hands of consumers while still engaging with their retail channel was necessary. Koi began looking for an eCommerce partner to enable their online store presence capable of catering to their extensive retail network.

“When considering launching our store online we selected the Quivers solution because it allowed us to share our orders with retailers and avoid channel conflict. Moving forward, we’re leveraging the Quivers platform to expand our global online reach and launch additional shopping environments while supporting our retailers.”

- KATHY PETERSON, Koi’s Founder and Designer-in-Chief

Leveraging Quivers, koi was able to quickly launch their online store, and set specifications for syndicating orders from their website through their retail network. Once the marketplace was launched, koi found that fulfilling orders through their retailers was simple to do with the Quivers order management solution.

As a result, koi was able to put their retailers first and enable outlets for more touchpoints with consumers who love their products. Through Quivers single master product catalog, koi was able to continue meeting consumer demand for product and expanded their online reach to other locations including Canada.

The flexibility in freedom to expand their online reach, who fulfills the orders and from where has enabled koi to use the Quivers solution as a key element of their strategy to target specific audiences.