Marker Dalbello Vӧlkl revolutionized the shopping experience by connecting brick-and-mortar inventory for online availability, all in one manageable product catalog for 12 exclusive and private online stores.

Prior to utilizing Quivers, Marker-Dalbello- Vӧlkl (MDV) faced several challenges including the management of multiple online product catalogs, securing exclusive online stores, and resolving channel conflict with retailers used to fulfill online orders.

MDV’s process of managing and updating its product catalog took hours and, in some cases, days. This was primarily due to having many different product catalogs containing the same products but at unique price points for various audiences. After deploying Quivers, MDV was able to effectively configure inventory, product availability, and pricing in one unified environment while offering unlimited online stores and shopping experiences.

With the help of Quivers to consolidate and unify the product catalog, MDV sells in multiple consumer segments while engaging brick-and-mortar retailers in the fulfillment of online orders. MDV is able to position online order fulfillment to any number of brick-and-mortar locations thereby eliminating the concerns of stock levels and channel conflict.

With the help of Quivers, MDV launched 12 online stores including three public-facing which feature the products of Marker, Dalbello, and Vӧlkl.  The other nine are exclusive online stores selling to specific member groups. Using exclusive online stores to reach consumer segments, MDV is able to configure and manage which product categories and pricing are available for purchasing.

Since deployment, MDV is able to position the product catalog on partner sites behind any third-party login system and as a standalone domain. MDV features its product catalog on industry member association pro sites such as the Professional Ski Instructors of America (PSIA), American Association of Snowboard Instructors (AASI), and the National Ski Patrol (NSP). MDV now provides consumer segments with a more simple way to log in and redeem discounted products, while moving inventory effectively across all distribution partners.

“Quivers plug-and-play solution allows MDV to be flexible with adding products and changing pricing, which is different than any other software solution we’ve used.” - Marketing, Marker Dalbello Vӧlkl

Not only has MDV been able to customize their product offering based on the consumer segment, but they empower brick-and-mortar retailers in the fulfillment of online orders. MDV’s key retailers are now able to visually understand product trends and consumer buying habits to gauge product order history and reorders to help guide their purchasing orders and identify top-selling items.

Industry: Sporting Goods

“Since Quivers, we are now able to manage qualified shoppers in a Quivers exclusive online store, and communicate effectively with customer segments, while controlling the direction of the product fulfillment.” - Marketing, Marker Dalbello Vӧlkl

With the help of Quivers, MDV is able to maintain a close relationship with key retailers, ensure the consumer shopping experience is met, and launch more product categories seamlessly in one manageable catalog.


  • Ensuring exclusive online stores were secure for qualifying consumers

  • Managing multiple product catalogs containing the same products

  • Difficulties including retailers to fulfill online orders


Why Quivers?

  • Fast launch period: only a couple of weeks for integration and deployment

  • Single product catalog with the ability to easily set custom pricing and adjustments by market

  • Ease of retailer onboarding and support

  • Communicative and effective support assistance

  • Channel conflict resolution



  • Deployment of 12 total online stores (3 public, 9 private)

  • Plug-and-play product catalog that allowed for flexibility and ease of management

  • Adjustable pricing and product visibility

  • Advanced order management utilizing  local timers to route online orders within proximity to consumers for retailer fulfillment

  • Advanced order management to route orders for claiming groups by store type

  • Central catalog to manage all products


The Results

  • Secured login for exclusive online stores featured on a partner site

  • Enabled MDV to feature the entire  product catalog for purchasing consumers

  • Average order value (AOV) placed is over $400

  • 86% of shoppers in an exclusive online store converted to purchasing sales wins

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