Mephisto streamlines its fulfillment process by linking warehouses, corporate stores, and independent retailers.
Reduce Shipping Times, Grow Revenue, Optimize Inventory
Reduce Shipping Times, Grow Revenue, Optimize Inventory

Mephisto replaced a clunky order management integration with a seamless Magento plugin, allowing orders to be fulfilled by warehouses, independent retailers and corporate stores—ultimately providing a premium consumer experience. 

When Mephisto first approached Quivers they were using an order fulfillment process that didn’t provide the orchestration required to get their retailers on the same page. They switched to Quivers to implement our Distributed Order Fulfillment (DOF) platform and Magento plugin, allowing orders to be fulfilled by warehouses and both corporate and independent retailers. 

With Quivers, Mephisto was able to cut fulfillment time, decrease out-of-stocks, and increase revenue for the business. 

About Mephisto Shoes

In 1965 Martin Michaeli founded Mephisto with the sole intention—and deep-rooted ambition—to create the world’s best shoes. With savings from his time spent in the USA, Martin Michaeli set up his company Mephisto in France and created the Mephisto shoe. The moccasin became the spearhead of Mephisto. Its distribution started in Germany, Austria, Belgium as well as in Switzerland and spread over the whole of Europe. Fast-forward to the present day and Mephisto has over 800 stores globally and a loyal customer following.

The Challenge

The challenge for Mephisto was figuring out how to decrease fulfillment times and reduce the revenue loss incurred from out-of-stock products, all while maintaining a high level of control over fulfillment opportunities. 

With warehouses, corporate stores, and independent retailers all using different systems, there was a considerable issue connecting them to one another to collaborate on orders. 

The organization needed a way for these different channels to communicate inventory to Mephisto and to work together to claim and fulfill orders based on criteria set by Mephisto. 

The answer to this communication disparity was the Quivers platform, which they could use to unify channels and set specific rules in the order claiming process to control who can fulfill certain types of orders. By using retailer inventory and local proximity to the consumer they were able to cut down on shipping time and reduce out-of-stocks significantly. 

The Solution

To help Mephisto integrate their various order fulfillers, Quivers ensured that Mephisto’s commerce platform, their POS, and their ERP could “talk” to the Quivers platform. 

Quivers implemented a Magento plugin and integrated the platform with both Retail Pro (POS system) and Apparel Business (ERP system). Mephisto was now also able to have a live view of all inventory from warehouses, corporate stores, and independent retailers. 

Quivers needed to empower Mephisto to have a high degree of control over which channels would be able to fulfill certain orders, to create efficiency in shipping, and to reduce out-of-stocks on their website. 

Quivers was able to create a feature that allowed Mephisto to bypass retailers when a product was discounted by a set percentage, as well as the ability to direct a specific percentage of orders to Mephisto itself for fulfillment. These features gave Mephisto their desired level of control over their new collaborative order fulfillment process. By linking inventory together from corporate and independent retailers, Mephisto was able to greatly reduce out-of-stocks on their brand website and provide a more complete catalog offering to the consumer. 

Now that the Mephisto retail network was connected, Quivers provided Mephisto the ability for retail stores closest to the consumer to fulfill orders if they met the criteria set by Mephisto. This localized fulfillment greatly reduced shipping time. Furthermore, to increase efficiency, Quivers created a feature that could give preference to stores that were able to fulfill orders with more than one item, this reduced shipping multiple packages from different sources. 

The Results

Revenue Increase, New User Growth, Revenue Goals Met, Reduced Claiming Times, and Fast Shipping.
Shave 24-72 hours off shipping times.

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