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With retailers facing mandatory closures and consumers being driven online, e-commerce is surging. If you’re not selling directly on your website to capitalize on the shift, Quivers can help you get online simply, quickly and effectively. 


What’s better is, while we believe in e-commerce, we also believe in supporting your dealers and ensuring a strong wholesale channel and healthy working relationships is critical for the future.


Quivers helps you do both. We let you sell direct on your website and share fulfillment of those orders with your retailers. It’s a win-win that helps move product off retail shelves and allows you to grow your eCom channel, which is vital right now.


For NAMM members we are waiving setup fees for our plugin for a limited time, to help businesses during this difficult period with the COVID crisis and mandatory store closures. To learn more about how to get started, request a demo. Discover how a lot of great music brands are already using distributed order fulfillment to sell online and support their dealers.

Music brands currently on Quivers


Are You a Music Retailer?

By using Quivers, your business can fulfill orders placed on the websites of the brands you carry. This means you can make sales and fulfill orders even while your doors are closed to foot traffic, in adherence with local ordinances and directives. Quivers is easy to use and some of the brands you carry may already be on our platform.

To get started, you’ll want to connect with a brand on the Quivers platform. To do so, you can create an account, it's free to sign up. Once on Quivers, you can 1) view brands currently on the platform, 2) connect with brands already on Quivers that you carry and want to fulfill for, as well as 3) refer brands you carry in-store, but are not yet on Quivers, and invite them to the platform.

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