Omnichannel Sales

Maximize your revenue through existing infrastructure.

Price Types

Sell globally online

Selling globally online doesn’t have to require a multi-million dollar investment. Create unlimited product displays with multiple languages, pricing, and currencies from a single product catalog. The Quivers administration panel is easy to use and configured with a centralized catalog that pushes product details across unlimited online stores.


Improve customer shipping experience worldwide

Configure unlimited shipping policies for each retailer's storefront, region, and product. Offer customers the choice of in-store pickup or any additional business fulfillment options.


Manage multi-warehouse inventory

Adding inventory details has never been easier! Have the ability to create unlimited warehouses, and provide SKU-level inventory. Utilize an optional Dropbox integration, where you can simply drop your inventory file to provide real-time inventory updates.


Integrate with your ERP

Integrate directly with your current ERP for automatic order processing and international multi-warehouse support.  Our team of technical experts can review your current IT infrastructure and provide guidance/solutions for how to connect the pieces.