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Sales Performance and Retail Market Visibility 

Connecting B2B and B2C for faster retail sell-through, increased online conversion, and deeper centralized insights for your brands entire sales network.

Over 4,000 businesses growing on Quivers

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You get sell-through insights and Retailers gain consumer demand data


Retailers and Shop Employees provide data during Expand and Accelerate activities
You and your Retailers make more educated wholesale decisions


Optimize Features

Reporting & Insights 
Real-time insights for confident wholesale decision-making and profitability.


Enable online sales with affiliate site integration effortlessly.

Quivers Pay

Seamlessly process consumer card payments for online orders.

Quivers Pay Later

Popular BNPL solution for manageable online order payments.

"We increased our overall revenue by 50%, after the launch of Quivers, while also increasing website traffic and page views."
- Chris Poor, Director of Marketing Technology, Banded

Inventory & Insights

Enable local retailers to fulfill specific orders directly from their available inventory, speeding up sell-through, validating consumer demand, and fostering brand loyalty through an added-value sales channel.


Quivers proprietary HoverCart brings advanced cart and checkout functionality to any custom or standard website where you want to make products available for purchase. With it’s flexible design and non-invasive implementation, the HoverCart seamlessly blends with your site’s design as your primary ecommerce solution or work alongside your existing D2C platform to bring power fulfillment solutions to your consumers, like In-store Pickup, Ship-to-Store and Whiteglove Delivery.

Quivers Pay

Elevate your checkout experience, increase conversion and expand your online reach with access to all major currencies and payment options like Google Pay, Apple Pay and more. With built in fraud detection, chargeback protection and access to all major currencies, QuivesPay not only helps you make more money but helps you save more and manage less.

Quivers Pay Later

Do your customers often need to see, feel and experience your products before finalizing their purchase? If so,  it is likely you aren’t capturing your online sales potential. With Quivers Pay Later, you give customers peace of mind and increase conversion by providing the option to place their order online, but pickup and pay at their desired retail location.
Inventory Insights
Quivers Pay
Quivers Pay Later

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