Out-of-Stock Inventory Management

It's not just about setting up eCommerce for your site! Become omnipresent by leveraging your retailers' inventory, by always offering product availability online at any hour of the day, and in as many places as possible.

Retailers lose an estimated $93 billion in annual sales due to out-of-stock inventory
— StellaService 2018

Endless aisle experience

Consumers want to make quick decisions by getting just the details they need about products, right when they need that information for choice selection and decision-making. Using Quivers, brands can focus on creating an exceptional online buying experience, while moving products in the form of an endless aisle while leveraging their existing retail network. Consumers can shop from anywhere they want, with the ability to pick-up items in-store, or choose to ship items from a local storefront within purchasing proximity.

Annual loss from out-of-stock items in North America is $129.50 billion dollars.
— Microsoft 2017

Overstocks are responsible for 3.2% in revenue loss for the average retailer, and a loss of 4.1% for out-of-stocks
— RetailWire 2015

Distribution engagement

Whether it’s moving a portion of online orders to retailers who are traditionally known for having overstock of a particular product, or routing products that are out-of-stock online to retailers for fulfillment, brands using Quivers have the ability to take full control over customizing how orders are being processed, sent, and received.

End cart abandonment

For every 100 product views, there are typically 13 out-of-stock messages
— Business.com 2017

Eliminate ever showing online shoppers an out-of-stock message again! Quivers lets the brand customize which orders are sent and fulfilled, seamlessly without the customer ever worrying about out-of-stock inventory. Route online orders by engaging your preferred retailers in fulfillment from known in-store inventory.