August Features Release

Updated: Aug 22, 2019

We've Made some Improvements!

Hello Quivers users,

We are excited to roll out a new set of system features and continue to improve the Quivers user experience. We believe this improvements will assist brands and retailers in getting the most out of our collaborative order fulfillment solution.

Organized Returns

Returns, Requested Returns and Pending Returns.

Instead of having all your different types of returns in one place, they are now organized by where they are in the return process.

Once a return has been created or requested, it will exist in “Pending Returns”. Once the item is received by the retailer, the retailer can navigate to the “pending returns” tab to process the refund to the consumer.

Retailer Order Auto-Claim

Retailers rejoice!

With this new feature you no longer have to manually claim orders. When activated you will automatically be assigned orders if you meet brand requirements and have available inventory.

To activate this feature:

Navigate to “inventory” in the Quivers Admin Panel where you will see a toggle to activate in the top right hand corner. Retailers will be notified via a notification when orders have been auto-claimed.

Unclaim Process Update

Communication is key.

We have updated the process involved with unclaiming to provide information to the brand as to why, and assist them in allowing another retailer to claim the order.

To activate this feature:

Select the “unclaim” button In the order screen. At his point you will be prompted with options about why you are unclaiming. This action will then send an email notification to the brand who will then unclaim the order for the retailer.

Inventory Upload Timestamp

Brands can now see the last time inventory was updated by a retailer when they export retailer inventory from the Quivers admin panel.

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