The Link Between Omnipresent and Consumer Expectations

Ruben Martin, CEO of Quivers was interviewed in the latest addition of APAC CIO Outlook.

Ruben Martin talks about how consumers expect an omnichannel/omnipresent order fulfillment experience. "As consumers shop across multiple channels and devices, from online and in-store, to mobile apps and on social media, it is crucial for brands and retailers that every product interaction be as consistent, easy, and seamless as possible. Whether the purchasing decision happens through your branded website, a third party partner site, or from an interactive ad, having an omnipresent strategy in place will help create more revenue-generating opportunities."

Ruben Martin gives specific examples of organizations that are offering more delivery options by utilizing innovative technology to leverage their product's relationship with the consumer. 

Albertsons: Albertsons Online Grocery Marketplace is providing over 40,000 food, wellness and household products.  The goal is to allow their consumers the opportunity to buy online, and pick up their purchases in-store.

Nordstrom:📷 Nordstrom's is rolling out an app that allows consumers to easily scan through social media on their phone and save on merchandise. While in-app, Nordstrom will offer consumers advice from a personal virtual stylist. This stylist will gather data from the consumer and create digital style boards, featuring a variety of customized looks based on the consumer’s specified needs.

Kroger: Kroger is planning to launch nearly 200 stores with a digital price tag, forgoing the once familiar tangible tag. This digital tag, known as EDGE, Enhanced Display for Grocery Environment, is connected by Internet-of-Things (IoT) sensors, beaming real-time information from every aisle and end-cap.

ZARA: At the beginning of 2018, Zara announced that the company plans to incorporate augmented reality within its storefronts by bringing their clothing to life within a shopping app.

Ruben Martin summarized by saying "By continuing to appeal to the growing needs of the consumer, brands can continue to thrive in today’s competitive industry. Increasing consumer satisfaction is proven to drive more traffic to all commerce channels and boost your brand’s bottom-line. By unifying channels, your brand will be able to provide a cohesive, omnipresent shopping environment across all devices and formats that appeals to the masses and builds a lasting relationship with the consumer."

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