Pro-tips for Winter Snow Brands to Ensure The Ultimate Consumer Shopping Experience for the

With the upcoming winter just around the corner, the snow industry is gearing up for another exciting season.

The 2017 Outdoor Industry Association Report demonstrates the steady growth of the snowsports industry and how it continues to drive commerce.

According to the report:

Annual outdoor recreation spending directly generates $72 billion from the snowsports industry.

Consumer snow spending contributes $5.8 billion in federal taxes and $5.3 billion in state and local taxes.

The snow industry is responsible for creating and sustaining over 7 million jobs.

Although the industry is thriving, industry leaders must continue to find innovative ways to engage the consumer and showcase new products through a variety of channels, but more specifically in their digital catalogs.

“79% of U.S. consumers, nearly 8-out-of-10 Americans, are now shopping online”  - Pew Research, 2017

In order to stand out among the competitors and stay relevant among omnichannel consumers, brands must offer exceptional purchasing experiences online-to-offline. By taking just a few steps to enhance your brand’s omnichannel presence online, consumers will flock to your website this upcoming snow season for a seamless buying experience.

Below are the four most powerful ways your brand can upgrade your digital catalog and create a remarkable online experience for your brand’s customers.

Channel Conflict Resolution

In order to sell more products online, your brand must leverage existing retailer inventory. This way you can support your brick-and-mortar retailers while eliminating cart abandonment. Enabling your brand to control how the product is processed, sent, and received based on the consumer's proximity to retailers. Your brand can now get beloved products into the hands of consumers at a faster rate.

Eliminate Out-of-Stock Messages

When out-of-stock messages appear on your brands’ website, consumers quickly leave and find desired products elsewhere. By enabling retailers to fulfill online orders, brands can avoid losing potential buyers. Route online orders by engaging your preferred retailers in fulfillment from known in-store inventory.

Implement an In-Store Pickup and Ship-From-Store Ability

By offering in-store pickup and ship-from-store, retailers can provide consumers with personalized buying experiences that can be tailored to meet their needs. By reducing shipping costs and wait times, retailers will retain loyalty among omnichannel consumers.

Offer an Exclusive Online Store for Professional Athletes

Creating a fully responsive online store for exclusive member groups such as professional athletes, ambassadors, store employees, or any other audience, gives your brand control over what consumers buy. This capability not only enables your brand to control what products are being sold to members of exclusive groups but also minimizes discounting by offering specialized discounts or package deals to exclusive members only.

Consumers desire and demand local, personal, and convenience make their shopping a seamless and enjoyable experience.

By updating the digital catalog and implementing strategies to boost sales in both your website and brick-and-mortar partnered storefronts, your brand will continue to attract omnichannel consumers and increase overall sales revenue during the upcoming winter sports season.

Quivers: Powers the order fulfillment collaboration between brands and retailers, strengthening wholesale relationships, solving and simplifying inventory challenges while aligning with the online-to-offline expectations of the ever-evolving consumer.


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