We are Presenting at Outdoor Retailer!

Updated: Jan 20

On Tuesday, January 28th at 1 pm, our CEO Ruben Martin will be presenting in room MR405. The topic is "Beyond Price: How Brands Can Beat e-Commerce Giants at Their Own Game."

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About the Presentation

There are 5 key areas that make Amazon, Walmart, Target, and other eCommerce giants successful:

  • High product availability (no stock-outs)

  • Quick and free delivery (next day)

  • Same day pick up (click-and-collect)

  • Easy returns (many locations, any time)

  • Price

Most brands can and do compete on the last element: price. However, without playing a “race to the bottom” game, the other 4 areas are ways to maintain margin and create lifelong loyal fans.

The presentation will do a detailed exploration of why major eCommerce sites are so successful and why it is difficult to compete with them. Ruben will review the major steps those giants have taken in the last few years and where they are headed with their strategies, including major investments.

Then the presentation will turn towards what brands can do to position themselves well in this new commerce world by leveraging what most of them already have: brick-and-mortar retailer relationships. We are excited to talk with you!

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