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Sell Online And Fulfill Orders Through Retailers

Quivers allows brands to share ecommerce orders with their physical retail network to solve channel conflict. It’s a match made in heaven.
sell online orders

Dealer-Fulfilled Commerce: Connect to Your Best Local Retailers

Our technology lets brands sell directly to consumers on your website,
complete the purchase on-site, and selectively route those orders to
your specialty retailers for fulfillment.

Sell online and fulfill with flexibility.

With Quivers, you have the power to sell on your website and selectively route orders for direct or retail fulfillment. Participating retailers simply pick, pack and ship—while you both enjoy a profitable eCom revenue stream.

Monetize your informational website.

Buyers already come to your site for product information. Don’t link them off-site to buy elsewhere. Instead convert them to purchase at the moment of intent without worrying about channel conflict. Quivers lets you decouple the point of sale from fulfillment channels. You can sell online and fulfill via your retail network, or corporate warehouse, as you see fit.

De-risk deeper stocking positions for retailers

Let’s face it, it’s getting harder to operate a physical shop. Your network looks to you for leadership and support. We know brands want to intensify their eCom, but wholesale is a core part of your business and isn’t going away. Quivers is a unique spin on ecommerce that lets you de-risk inventory and improve turn-over to support, not hurt, physical retailers.

powerful integrations

Built to Integrate

We don’t replace your ecommerce software, we improve it. Whether you’re using Shopify, Magento, WooCommerce, BigCommerce or others, you can plug in our retailer-fulfilled commerce technology directly into most major ecommerce solutions. We also plug in seamlessly to other order management and ERP systems.


Checkout Cart and Payment Processing

Quivers check out cart and transaction management (financial attribution, sales tax, credit card processing).

Checkout Cart and Payment Processing

Set which retailers can claim and process an order based on inventory, and past order fulfillment performance.

Easy Retailer On-boarding

Easy setup for retailers. Dealer-marketing assistance to expand your physical footprint.

Auto-claiming & Retail Inventory Visibility

Retailers automatically assigned orders if they meet brand requirements and have the available inventory. 

Sales Territories

Route online orders based on sales territory within any country or region.

Order Management

Pre-order, shipping, order reviews, shipping labels, packing slips.

eCommerce Platform Plugins & Wide Integrations

Integrate with all major ecommerce platforms as well as order management and ERP systems.

Distance Beaconing

Feature orders for retailer fulfillment based on distance to the purchasing consumer.

Order Routing

Inventory-based, retailers, warehouses, distributors, shipping speeds.

Fraud Protection & Support

Optional fraud features to help detect fraud and reimburse merchants for fraud chargebacks on approved orders.


“We needed to find an ecommerce solution that would allow us to expand our online business quickly without losing control of our brands. Quivers was the answer. In addition to brand control, Quivers allowed us to reduce the time and cost to promote and deliver our products through more marketplaces.”

Jim Hunter, VP of Operations and CFO at Group Rossignol North America

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