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Enforce Online Shopping and Drive In-Store Fulfillment Post-Purchase

Quivers Dealer Locator lets you create and manage a list of local retailers in a map view widget on your website. By driving traffic in-store — and only showing the stores you want to appear — you support your retail network and maximize cross-sell and upsell opportunities.

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Dealer Locator allows you to show consumers where they can get your products, right now. Drive your consumers towards in-store pickup with partnering retailers and further close the loop in the online-to-offline omnichannel consumer experience.


Traditional “retailer locators” are a huge gamble: 50% of consumers directed in-store from a brand’s website (without securing their purchase online) end up purchasing a competitor’s product from the retailer. Guard yourself against this possibility and enforce online shopping with Quivers Dealer Locator.


Create further brand credibility by highlighting your retail partners. Both parties benefit from deeper collaboration: Brands can offer more of their catalog online and minimize the risk of losing consumers to rivals, while retailers see increased foot traffic, upsell opportunities, and the opportunity to offer maintenance, service, and/or customization.

Dealer Locator is one of our many tools that drive potential customers towards making the right decision by purchasing your products — Find out more today.

Easy Implementation and Fully Customizable

The Dealer Locator widget can be embedded or show up in an overlay on your website. Your consumers will then be able to see a list of your retail partners stocking your products. Discover the fully customizable way to show consumers where your product catalog is available while staying in control. Using just a simple line of JavaScript, Dealer Locator is compatible with most platforms.

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