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Take Control of Your VIP Program and Multiply ROI

Quivers VIP Stores lets you take total control of your VIP discount program via credentialled storefronts that you can launch anywhere for specialty consumers (or prosumers) that represent your brand. Design, launch and track every aspect of your customized program, all from within the Quivers platform.


Create credentialled storefronts with customizable discounts you can launch on any website or intranet. Restrict store access to consumers with an authenticated email address, access code, and more. Plus, with the Shopping Limits feature, you can ensure a reduced price only applies to a certain range of products for a specific consumer, or cap the amount of discounted product they can purchase.


Make storefronts for individual influencers or ambassadors and host them anywhere. Easily see how much revenue each influencer is driving through their unique shopping environment. Offer specific product variants or prices and say goodbye to site-wide discounting for niche audiences.


Set up unique referral codes, QR codes, or URL tracking for influencers and ambassadors, allowing for incentives and rewards that supercharge your VIP program. With the Ambassador Relationship Management feature, you can create a prosumer portal that tracks sales conversions and connects your affiliate tools. Influencers and ambassadors can track their performance metrics and see how they compare to other pros in their program, motivating them to perform better for your brand.


Share profits and the fulfillment of discounted orders with your fulfillers. This gives them an opportunity to be part of the sale and decreases the risk of conflict arising from your discount program. That means your VIP program will never come at the expense of your valued retail network.

Quivers VIP Stores is the only program that allows you to control, measure and optimize your VIP discount or pro store program – Learn more today.

Make Your VIP Program Work for You

With the many customizable options of the Quivers platform, it’s time to take back control of your VIP program and make sure your discounts stay where they belong: with the VIPs who deserve them. Protect your hard-earned brand equity with Quivers VIP Stores program today.

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