Give Consumers Peace of Mind With White Glove Delivery

Quivers White Glove Delivery (WGD) is the premium delivery method for products that require special attention during shipping. Give your consumers what they want: A trustworthy delivery option that results in more conversions for your brand and growing consumer loyalty.

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White Glove Delivery was designed for the delivery of large, heavy, and fragile products. It’s a particular favorite of the furniture industry, where awkwardly shaped products can cause delivery nightmares.


The last mile is where damage to products most often occurs, but the specialized attention given during the WGD fulfillment process means risk is significantly reduced, and potentially expensive returns are avoided. This premium delivery service also reduces the risk of theft and “porch piracy.”


Due to delivery doubts, 62% of consumers prefer to purchase expensive items in-store. Set their minds at ease by providing trusted, carefully selected fulfillers and their staff who are trained in how to handle, set up and assemble your products.


Take control of how exactly you want to offer WGD to your consumers and offer options including customization, room-of-choice setup and on-site assembly. Likewise, choose which retail partners can fulfill orders, select distance limits, and much more.

White Glove Delivery is a crucial piece of the puzzle in providing increasingly demanding consumers with efficient and effective fulfillment options. Learn more today.

Fulfillment-Boosting Simplicity

Quivers makes White Glove Delivery simple: If partnering
retailers (within adjustable parameters) have stock of an item, WGD will show up as a delivery option for the consumer at checkout. The consumer can then select that option and an auto-assigned retailer will fulfill the order.

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