Syndicated Product Information Management

Selling to different audiences through various online channels while keeping maintenance at a minimum can be challenging. The Quivers solution makes it easy to expand your online reach while keeping a single point of truth for your product information.

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Syndicated Order Management System

In today’s highly competitive and consumer driven environment, brands need to leverage all channels for effective order fulfilment. The Quivers solution provides you with order management tools while helping to improve retailer relationships.


Ensuring the right orders are fulfilled through the right channel is key to ensuring both retailer and consumer satisfaction. Timers allow multiple levels of opportunity for retailer order fulfillment. The first claiming level of “Favoring” provides brands the ability to designate retailers in the network whom have exclusive access to orders before calculations based on location. A “Local Timer” compares the consumer's shipping address to the retailer’s location, notifying based on closest to furthest proximity over a period of time. A “Territory” timer level enables configured groupings of states and/or countries to allow further opportunity for regional fulfillment. These timer combinations promote fulfillment rules to be based on structure and internal strategic goals, thereby ensuring orders are routed as desired.

Claiming Groups

When building a strategy for expanding revenue and supporting a retail network, targeting multiple sales channels and not creating margin conflicts can be a delicate balance. Quivers Claiming Groups allow brand configuration of product offerings per retailer or retailer groups. This empowers brands to direct orders from various Marketplaces either within their retailer network or directly.

Retailer Fulfilment

The order management experience for retailers begins at the time the order is placed. All retailers matching timer and claiming group criteria are instantly notified via email, text, and/or mobile app of an order fulfillment opportunity. As soon as the retailer claims the order, the product can be shipped to the consumer, thereby creating a seamless experience for the consumer.

End-to-End Order Management

Brand-specific order action buttons allow full control to direct, resend, cancel, or claim an order at any time. During the order fulfillment process, a price breakdown is available providing full visibility that outlines each item’s selling price, discounts used, taxes collected, transaction fees, and total fulfillment price. Each order has action controls for processing cancellations and returns per item.

In-Store Pickup & Custom Shipping

Quivers configurable shipping policies can be setup for each storefront, region, and product. The cost of shipping can be defined with unlimited tier pricing based on either order total or item quantities. The in-store pickup feature was designed for consumer convenience and added business fulfillment options. During the purchase of a product online, a map allows the consumer to select from a list of authorized retailers. Retailers receive alerts in real-time so in-store pickup orders can be processed efficiently.

Reporting & Analytics

The Quivers Admin Panel includes a comprehensive collection of 40+ reports providing strategic visibility and detailed interaction data. These reports span a variety of areas including product purchase information, retailer order fulfillment statistics, consumer marketing details, discount usage, and accounting settlements. A “Fulfiller Performance” report can be accessed to view fulfillment rates, total time before selecting to fulfill, total time to ship a product, average time of late shipments, and on-time shipping.

Quivers HoverCart

The HoverCart is the seamless consumer eCommerce experience Quivers offers. It is a shopping environment which can be embedded directly into your existing marketing pages so you retain full control over your shopping experience, but it can also be used stand-alone to quickly and flexibly stand up new and exciting public or exclusive shopping environments.


The HoverCart provides a seamless experience built on the premise of connecting the consumer to your brand rather than the eCommerce solution. The HoverCart has been designed at the core to be a responsive shopping environment enabling a flexible experience to the consumer’s device of choice.

As a part of the seamless consumer experience, the HoverCart does not force a redirect to another site but instead blends the shopping environment with existing marketing web pages. The HoverCart is able to exist on any page of your website, sidebar, blog post, or other internet-based asset giving this new Quivers tool the "Hover" quality.

The HoverCart can also be fully configured to look and interact with the website as much or as little as you want. Say hello to full branding control and goodbye to fitting into a template.

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