Quivers for Retailers

It's easier than ever for retailers to start fulfilling online orders for the brands they carry. Connect now and capture sales from brand eCom stores.

Quivers is easy to use and some of the brands you carry may already be on our platform. To get started, you’ll want to connect with a brand on the Quivers platform. To do so, you can create an account, it's free to sign up.


Once on Quivers, you can:

1) View brands currently on the platform.

2) Connect with brands already on Quivers that you carry and want to fulfill for.

3) Refer brands you carry in-store, but are not yet on Quivers, and invite them to the platform.

"Quivers is a very user-friendly and easy platform for us to utilize. It has been a great channel for us to connect with customers we normally wouldn't have access to."


Are you a retailer already on Quivers fulfilling for a brand and need to contact support?

To get get in touch, log-in to Quivers and see if our knowledge base can help answer your immediate question. If you need immediate assistance file a ticket by emailing: support@quivers.com

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