Retailer Engagement

Reward loyal dealers and encourage inventory positions.

Quivers takes pride in supporting our growing network of brands and their trusted retail partners. The benefits are endless for utilizing Quivers to engage your retailer network in online order fulfillment.

Retailer Engagement

Support for your retail network

Supporting your retail network is in our DNA. Quivers offers an advanced order management system to encourage strong inventory positions while supporting your retailer network.


Reach the right channels at the right time

To ensure online orders reach the right channel at the right time, Quivers has enabled timers to distribute orders using your rules; define custom sales territories and marketplaces to administer location based beaconing. Retain full control to direct, re-send, cancel, or claim an order at any time. Retailers are notified via email, SMS, and mobile app to ensure orders are claimed in real-time and promptly shipped, keeping customers satisfied.

Reward retailers

Have the ability to reward specific retailers who take strong inventory positions and assist with product overstock. Be able to offer special promotions, create on-boarding incentives, or your own specialized incentives to empower your retail network.

Are you a retailer looking to learn more?

Quivers invites its brands to share online orders with their retail network. Retailers can become fulfillment partners by contacting the brand they carry for a special invitation to join the Quivers platform.

Frequently Asked Questions:

- How do I find the  brand I want to fulfill for?

The first step is to reach out to the brands you carry to see if they already use Quivers.  If the brands you love are not currently using Quivers, fill out the form detail below and a representative will be in touch!

- I am a retailer already fulfilling for a brand on Quivers and need to contact support, how do I get in touch?

Please log-in to Quivers and see if our knowledge base can help answer your questions. If the answer you are looking for isn’t there, please request to have us chat with you, or file a ticket by emailing:

- I am not a fulfillment partner, how do I become one?

The Quivers platform is currently set-up for brands to invite their specialized retailers. At this time, we request you reach out to the brand directly for further assistance.

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