Learn how Group Rossignol turned a complex eCommerce strategy into a simple, omnichannel landscape, connecting with retailers to help create amazing customer experiences

Industry: Sporting Goods


- Enable and support retailer engagement for online transactions

- Position unique shopping environments to targeted audiences

- Preserve brand integrity through controlled merchandising


- Single catalog featuring multi-price & currencies

- Advanced order management

- Exclusive marketplaces & entry code submissions

- Robust discount engine

Why Quivers?

- Enterprise-level solutions providing full freedom to manage customer experience online

- Full eCommerce and omnichannel solution within a single SaaS platform

- Ability to launch unlimited online stores, residing on either the brand’s or third-party websites

- Connect the Quivers shopping cart solution to an existing website to create a seamless buying experience

- Instant click, claim, and ship technology to enable products out the door instantly

The Results

- Reduced catalog maintenance by 94%

-  3x more online shopping environments

- 95% year-over-year increase in retailer revenue

- 73% increase of retailer fulfilled orders

Path to Brand Freedom

Prior to deploying the Quivers solution, the 100-year-old business, Group Rossignol, sold online without the ability to preserve brand integrity. Rossignol turned to Quivers to enable selling online and support their retail partners Rossignol turned to Quivers.

“We needed to find an ecommerce solution that would allow us to expand our online business quickly without losing control of our Brands. Quivers Connected Commerce Solution is the answer. In addition to brand control, the Quivers solution allows us to reduce the time and cost to promote and deliver our products through many more marketplaces.”

JIM HUNTER, VP of Operations and CFO at Group Rossignol North America

After launching with Quivers, Rossignol was able to manage a single master product catalog to create various online marketplaces, with each marketplace merchandised uniquely to appeal to a targeted  audience, and fulfillment rules configured to enable retailer fulfillment.

With Quivers, Rossignol is provided with the freedom to sell online, to their VIP customers, Pros, and general consumers while controlling how their brand is being reflected to customers.

The freedom to sell in new online marketplaces to unique customer segments, and the ability to choose their fulfillment strategy, Rossignol was able to take control of their brands, reduce the cost associated with selling products online, and provide better support to their dealers.