Founded in 1958, SCOTT USA is dedicated to providing consumers with leading-edge sporting goods ranging from biking and skiing to motocross racing. 

Prior to Quivers' implementation, SCOTT Sports had difficulty with customizing specialized pricing and new product releases to connect with various targeted consumer groups such as professional athletes and shop employees.

Previously, SCOTT sold its product on a platform that didn’t provide its clients with a true omnichannel experience.  SCOTT didn't have the ability to control pricing and discounts or to provide a consistent branding experience from all channels and distributors. SCOTT needed to find a true omnichannel solution in order to reach audiences such as athletes, shop employees, and industry members.

To streamline the ability to sell a specific product line at a controlled price-point to targeted consumer groups, SCOTT sought out Quivers' omnichannel solution for brands. 

With Quivers, SCOTT is now able to connect to buying groups and segment merchandise based on audience and location. To streamline the buying experience for pro-riders, SCOTT deployed an exclusive Quivers online store for Professional Ski Instructors of America (PSIA), to eliminate purchase forms and show accurate inventory available for purchase.

With an exclusive online store environment, SCOTT now has the ability to configure any specific product line or grouping of products to receive targeted deals such as a percentage-off, buy-one-get-one, or free gift with purchase.

“The Quivers solution helped resolve the consumer engagement and tracking issues we were facing prior to implementation.” - Sport Division Manager, SCOTT USA

Since deployment, SCOTT has been given total control into the visibility of merchandising and buying habits of selected core buying groups. This shift in selling has not only transformed SCOTT’s shopping experience for the consumer, but made it possible for SCOTT to record how orders are being distributed, and where orders originated from. 

Industry: Sporting Goods

“The Quivers solution has created a purchasing boost among Scott’s previously underselling product categories, because of its ability to promote those specific products to our professional athletes.” - Sport Division Manager, SCOTT USA

With the help of Quivers, SCOTT has seen significant growth, not only in brand awareness among consumers but also in overall sales revenue. 


  • Connecting with professional athletes, store employees, and industry professionals with targeted merchandise and pricing

  • Control pricing and discounts online

  • Reporting and visibility into consumer buying trends, and order distribution 

  • Hosting a secure brand controlled exclusive online store on a 3rd party partner’s website

  • Managing multiple product catalogs containing the same products


  • Deployed five exclusive online stores: PSIA embedded store, shop employee store, partner stores.

  • Advanced order management to route orders for claiming groups by store type

  • Central catalog to manage all products

  • Adjustable pricing and product visibility

  • Plug-and-play product catalog that allowed for flexibility and ease of management

Why Quivers?

  • Quick custom exclusive online store deployment with easy-to-configure and unlimited pricing points and access controls

  • Trackable consumer spending data and distributor information

  • Ability to create promotion and special product offerings for underselling products

  • Single product catalog with the ability to easily set custom pricing and adjustments by consumer segment or partner grouping

  • Secure and effective support for online orders

The Results

  • Increase of brand awareness among consumers

  • Seamless buying experience for professional athletes

  • Average Order Volume for Industry Professionals increased 

  • Gross Monthly Value for Winter Shop Employees increased 

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