How to Protect Your Business Against Supply Chain Disruption and Be Ready for Anything

Empty shelves, trucks with no drivers, backlogged cargo ships waiting to enter ports — these are just some of the images that have dominated the current global supply chain crisis. The unpredictability brought about by border closures, COVID-19 restrictions, workforce shortages and factory disruptions has created the perfect storm. At the end of the line, […]

Babolat grows its brand both online and in-store by connecting with partners and core buying groups.

The Challenge Babolat transformed the consumer shopping experience from traditional to a robust omnichannel landscape increasing direct sales and sales of its retail partners.  Prior to launching Quivers, Babolat’s customers could view product catalogs online, but faced challenges with finding and purchasing available inventory in the United States and Europe.  Global buying groups, including coaches […]

Mephisto Increase Revenue Performance Over 12% With the Quivers Platform

Mephisto replaced a clunky order management integration with a seamless Magento plugin, allowing orders to be fulfilled by warehouses, independent retailers and corporate stores—ultimately providing a premium consumer experience.  When Mephisto first approached Quivers they were using an order fulfillment process that didn’t provide the orchestration required to get their retailers on the same page. […]

Optimize Inventory to Alleviate Supply Chain Issues.

If your company is experiencing supply chain issues this year you’re not alone. Global industries are experiencing significant issues around supply chain, and as a result, out-of-stock situations have blanketed the world of commerce. This is resulting in huge losses in potential revenue, and sales teams with very little to sell. The question we want […]