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Maximize Wholesale Success

Discover innovative solutions to optimize wholesale growth and seamlessly integrate them into your ecosystem for enhanced business efficiency and success

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Quivers HoverCart, our world-class online shopping cart, allows you to start selling via your websites and on affiliate sites by adding a lightweight “Add to Cart” button next to your products.

Quivers Pay

Quivers Pay is the fuss-free, fully managed payment gateway that lets you process credit and debit card payments from consumers for online orders.

Quivers Pay Later

Quivers Pay Later is the in-demand Buy Now, Pay Later (BNPL) solution for HoverCart that gives consumers the option to pay for online orders in manageable interest-free installments.

Reporting & Insights

In the fast-paced wholesale industry, Quivers offers real-time insights for confident decision-making, optimizing profitability and maintaining a competitive edge.


HoverCart functions as a simple overlay that can coexist with your existing shopping cart or plugins, empowering you to sell online without changing the look and feel of your website.

Create new revenue streams on review, influencer, association and affiliates sites anywhere, while keeping everything synced and organized from the Quivers platform.

Quivers Pay

Quivers Pay is the fully managed payment processing service that gives your eCommerce operations the boost they deserve.

Accept payments anywhere, in all major currencies, without requiring a local presence. 


Quivers Pay Later

Implementing a BNPL (Buy Now, Pay Later) option can boost conversion rates by 20-30% and increase average order value by 30-50%. Receive full value of all Quivers Pay Later orders weekly to your bank account, regardless of payment timing. This helps consumers avoid credit card fees and gives them control over cash flow, with payments spread over four interest-free installments in six weeks.

Data Insights

Data-driven wholesale decisions hinge on real-time insights into local-market supply, demand, and sell-through data for your products. By leveraging invaluable insights like these from Quivers, you can rapidly maximize wholesale profitability, optimize manufacturing forecasts, and secure a competitive edge in the market.


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