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Sell-In, Brand Loyalty and Local-Market Demand 

Utilize your retail ecosystem to foster increased sell-through and mitigate risk associated with wholesale purchasing

Over 4,000 businesses growing on Quivers

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"We increased our overall revenue by 50%, after the launch of Quivers, while also increasing website traffic and page views.”
- Chris Poor, Director of Marketing Technology, Banded

Broaden the variety and depth of products carried by retailers

Offering various shipping choices like store shipping, BOPIS, curbside pickup, ship-to-store, white glove delivery, and endless aisle services helps retailers meet diverse customer needs, streamline inventory management, and reduce costs.


This encourages retailers to buy more wholesale, expand their product range, and stay responsive to market demands. Embracing this strategy simplifies logistics, boosts sales, and positions your business at the forefront of a mutually beneficial ecosystem, fostering sustainable growth.


Selected orders matched to Retailers for shipment or pickup


Consumer Buys Products on Your Website
Retailers are incentivized to buy more product


Expansion Features

Local retailers fulfill orders directly, boosting sell-through and brand loyalty.


Enhance brand-value, drive foot traffic and accelerate inventory turns.

At Home

Elevate online service

with in-home delivery, connecting retailers locally.

Endless Aisle 

Mitigate stocking commitment aversion through drop shipping.

"With Quivers we are able to move more product faster and are able to place larger orders pre-season because of this. It has been a great tool for us to generate additional revenue.”
- John Marriot, Owner, Larson’s Ski & Sport.


Enable local retailers to fulfill specific orders directly from their available inventory, speeding up sell-through, validating consumer demand, and fostering brand loyalty through an added-value sales channel.


Buy online pick up in-store

Create more brand-value for retailers by driving foot traffic and accelerating inventory turns through in-store fulfillment methods that are not only proven to increase future wholesale orders, but convert more online sales for your brand. 

Curbside pick up

Curbside pickup offers customers a convenient, contactless way to retrieve their orders, saving time and reducing shipping costs. This service enhances customer satisfaction, sets retailers apart from competitors, and boosts overall sales.

White glove delivery

Deliver white glove service online by offering fulfillment methods like in-home delivery and installations; connecting your retailers with more sales opportunities and customers in their local-market.


Overcome stocking commitment aversion, derisk future wholesale purchases and expand your ecommerce footprint by partnering with retail partners for dropshipping.

Ship from Store
Curbside Pick Up
White Glove Delivery
Ship to Store

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