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Sell-Through and Brand Loyalty 

Unleash the sales potential of retail employees, ambassadors, and affiliates. 

Over 4,000 businesses growing on Quivers

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Transform retail employees into a sales force of brand advocates through rewards-based sales competitions, proven to drive faster inventory turns, enhance brand promotion and increase retail demand. 

Sell Gear, Get Gear

Upload Product to Quivers


Either connect your current eCommerce environment to Quivers using one of our easy-to-connect plugins or upload the data directly to the panel.


Create Rewards 

Create free product rewards or additional discounts that can be redeemed with points

Assign Points

Assign point values for products sold in-store or referred to your site through affiliate links and codes. 


Add Ambassadors 

To initiate the process, add participants, encouraging them to upload in-store sales or refer sales to your site, earning valuable points and rewards in return.


Product Training

Engage retail employees in digital training modules to ensure they have the brand and product knowledge to match more consumers with your products and close more in-store sales, accelerating sell-through and product adoption in local-markets.


30% increase in sales for each training completed, per participant

Enhanced customer satisfaction, ensuring a broader and more positive brand perception

90% boost of brand engagement and training completion

Rapid adoption of new products or features through proactive sales-enablement

Cost-effective, scalable, and engaging solutions for streamlined learning.

9 times higher information retention rates when compared to traditional methods

Exclusive Stores

Create exclusive online shopping experiences for your specialty consumer groups, allowing them to effortlessly engage with your brand and connect with your products to drive more influencer purchases and greater brand exposure to their audiences.


Tailored Retail Solutions

Create an unlimited number of Quivers-hosted stores to meet the product and pricing needs of each unique consumer group. 


Streamlined Access Control

Reduce program abuse and effortlessly manage users with built-in opitions to restrict store access through user registration, invite links and more. 


Unified Control Center

Manage your stores, products, pricing, discounts, consumers, data and reporting from a single Quivers dashboard.


Spend less time configuring, more time growing your business


Empowering Brands Nationwide




Integrations Supported


Orders Processed

Ready to Empower Your Business?

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