Quivers provides brands with a full ecommerce solution that engages authorized retailers for fulfillment, enabling new marketplace opportunities and omnichannel experiences.

You have the Freedom to Choose...

Where to sell online

Sell in new online marketplaces to unique customer segments.

How to merchandise

Control how your products are sold across diverse online channels.

Who fulfills orders

Choose a fulfillment strategy that delights customers and strengthens your retailer network.

Quivers empowers Rossignol to new products in niche markets
Koi uses Quivers to gain control over their retail network
2XU expanded their online sales using Quivers
Babolat deployed Quivers to increase sales to employees of partner organisations
ASICS uses Quivers to monetize sponsored events such as the LA Marathon
Austin Air
Quivers helps Austin Air to make sales of bulky goods online by engaging retailers

How It All Started

Our founders recognized a key problem with their own outdoor brand: selling direct to customers while supporting the retail channel. Our omnichannel ecommerce solution allows you to control your brand beyond your domain, resolve channel conflict with retailers, and deliver your products through a better customer experience.

Buying Experiences

Create unique buying experiences in more places.
Buying Experience 1

Put your product in front of new customers

Put your product in front of customers while protecting your brand integrity, anywhere you want. Deploy fully responsive marketplaces for general customers, exclusive member groups, pros, ambassadors, influencers, or any other audience, with targeted products, currencies, and pricing in minutes.

Buying Experience 2

Position unique shopping environments

Position unique shopping environments on your own website, partner and affiliate sites, or standalone domains without calling IT. Say hello to complete brand control over the customer experience and goodbye to an untouchable ecommerce template.

Buying Experience 3

Explore new kinds of discount strategies

Robust access and discount controls give your brand granular configuration and fine-tuning through dollars or percentage off, buy-one-get-one, free gift with purchase, floors, ceilings, and more based on customer-based, order-based, or store-based rules.

Retailer Engagement

Reward loyal dealers and encourage inventory positions.
Retailer Engagement

Support for your retail network

Supporting your retail network is in our DNA. Quivers offers an advanced order management system to encourage strong inventory positions while supporting your retail network.

Reach the right channels at the right time

Ensuring the orders reach the right channel at the right time is key to retailer and customer satisfaction. Timers distribute orders using your rules; brands define custom sales territories and marketplaces to administer location-based beaconing. Retain full control to direct, resend, cancel, or claim an order at any time. Retailers are notified via email, SMS, and mobile apps to ensure orders are claimed in real-time, creating prompt shipments and satisfied customers.

Reward retailers

Reward specific retailers who take strong inventory positions, assist with product overstock, offer special promotions, create onboarding incentives, or create your own use cases to empower your retail network.

Omnichannel Sales

Maximize revenue through existing infrastructure.
Omnichannel 1

Sell globally online

Selling globally online doesn’t have to require a multi-million dollar investment. Create unlimited product mixes with multiple languages, prices, and currencies from a single product catalog. Administration is a breeze with a centralized catalog that pushes product details across unlimited online stores.

Omnichannel 2

Improve customer shipping experiences worldwide

Configure unlimited shipping policies for each storefront, region, and product. In-store pickup can be offered for customer convenience and added business fulfillment options.

Omnichannel Sales 3

Manage multi-warehouse inventory

Adding inventory details has never been easier with the ability to create unlimited warehouses and provide those SKU-level stock levels. This can also be done using the Dropbox integration, where simply dropping your inventory file will result in automatic updates to the inventory.


Integrate with your ERP

Integrate directly with your current ERP for automatic order processing and international multi-warehouse support.

Enterprise Grade Features

Provide enterprise features with low impact and centralized control
Enterprise 1

The Quivers platform offers full PCI Level 1 payment processing, tokenized transactions, and optional 100% guaranteed fraud protection. We handle transactional security so that you can concentrate on your business.

Enterprise 2

Built-in sales tax rules and rates, calculated down to the roof-top, means you don’t need to worry about adding or integrating any sales tax engines. You and your retailers can also identify nexus locations for automatic and accurate sales tax calculations.

Enterprise 3

SaaS simplicity with powerful and comprehensive analytics and fully self-managed flexibility for future changes and deployments. You have the ability to manage all aspects of ecommerce deployments.

Freedom empowers global brands to do more

Groupe Rossignol Logo
Jim Hunter

VP Operations and CFO at Group Rossignol North America

"We needed to find an ecommerce solution that would allow us to expand our online business quickly without losing control of our Brands. Quivers is the answer. In addition to brand control, the Quivers solution allows us to reduce the time and cost to promote and deliver our products through many more marketplaces."

Koi Logo
Kathy Peterson

koi’s Founder & Designer in Chief

"When considering launching our store online we selected the Quivers solution because it allowed us to share our orders with retailers and avoid channel conflict. Moving forward, we’re leveraging the Quivers platform to expand our global online reach and launch additional shopping environments while supporting our retailers."

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