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The Integrated Commerce Platform for Specialty Brands

Quivers gives brands control of their commerce ecosystem—across consumers, pros, employees, retailers, marketplaces and more.

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Specialty Brands Need A Platform To Manage Selling Across Channels To The Most Demanding Consumers

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Ecommerce is more important now than ever. Consumers come to your website intending to make a purchase, so let them! Don’t send them off your website empty-handed to chase down your products.

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Selectively route ecommerce order to physical retailers in real-time for fulfillment and vice-versa. Let retailers sell your extended catalogue and route order to brands to fulfill endless-aisle style.



Launch and manage restricted stores for pros, influencers, employees or anyone you want to control access and offer special pricing and products. Track and manage ROI of affiliate generated sales.

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Do it all. Sell direct, and via restricted stores, and market-places and with independent and major retailers. All with better accuracy and ease. Meet and fulfill consumer expectations every time.

Commerce Happens... Everywhere.

Commerce is evolving rapidly and technology is fragmented. Specialty brands need a solution that pulls together their needs into a dedicated platform to control and manage their business. Quivers is integrating it all—online and offline, DTC and B2B—so that top brands can deliver on their promise and be the best in the world.

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“Quivers is not only a powerful commerce engine, but also an informational platform, where we build trust and engagement with retailers and consumers.”

Sam Cook, Chief Commercial Officer, Tecnica Group North America

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Learn how Quivers can help you sell seamlessly to your tribe, no matter where they are or how they shop.

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Powerful Integrations

Quivers is lightweight and we play nicely with everyone. Our platform plugs into your existing Order Management and ERP systems and has native plugins for most all major e-commerce solutions like Magento, WooCommerce, Shopify, Drupal and more.

powerful integrations
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Masters of Commerce vlog

Check out our vlog series about what works and what doesn’t in physical retail and e-commerce. Join us as we speak to operators across leading brands and retailers—as well as consumers—to get a unique perspective on trends, top advice and the never ending journey to please customers.

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