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Increase Online Orders

The Quivers platform allows Brands to increase their website traffic. The patented solution enables Brands to share cross-traffic with other Brands on the platform.

Resolve Channel Conflict

As Brands grow their E-commerce business, they are perceived as a threat to their retailers. Quivers enables Brands to share their online orders with their retailers.

Increase Wholesale Orders

When Brands share their online orders with their retailers, they are creating a long-term partnership. Retailers increase their wholesale ordering with the Brands.

Build Your Network

Just like an online tradeshow, the Quivers platform enables Brands to approach other Retailers, and Retailers can approach new Brands by "requesting to do business with them".

Increase Online Orders + Resolve Channel Conflict = Increased Wholesale Orders

Build Your Network

Industry Facts

"The #1 concern of Retailers is Brands selling direct to consumer."

- Transworld Business Retailer poll

66% of Brands identify Sales Channel Conflict as the #1 reason why they don't sell online.

- Quivers Industry poll

80% of Brands do not sell direct to Consumers online.

- Quivers Industry poll

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