Where it began

Our founders recognized a key problem with their own outdoor brand: selling direct to customers while supporting the retail channel. Our omnichannel ecommerce solution allows you to control your brand beyond your domain, resolve channel conflict with retailers, and deliver your products through a better customer experience.

Quivers allows brands to offer personalized marketplaces that are specifically setup for their unique audience, such as store employees, VIPs or ambassadors, and corporate partners. Our team is most excited about seeing how brands have utilized the Quivers toolset to create new buying experiences, going beyond anything they’ve offered before.
— Ruben Martin, CEO & Co-Founder, Quivers International Inc.

What We've Achieved

  • Patented SaaS eCommerce and omnichannel solution since 2012
  • Enable brands to launch internationally within a single product catalog
  • Create a seamless buying experience for unlimited marketplaces
  • Year-over-year increase in retailer revenue
  • Order processing capabilities for 100+ currencies 
  • Efficiently allow brands the use of timers to distribute orders by sales territories or marketplaces for location-based beaconing
  • Reduce catalog maintenance