Where it began

The Quivers founders recognized a key problem with their own outdoor brand: selling direct to customers while supporting the retail channel. Our omnichannel ecommerce solution allows you to control your brand beyond your domain, resolve channel conflict with retailers, and deliver your products through a better customer experience.

Quivers enables brands to leverage their existing retailer network to offer a more personalized omnichannel experience. Our key driver is helping brands resolve the many challenges of selling online such as channel conflict, out-of-stock inventory, in-store pickup and global sales. What gets us most excited is seeing how a brand deploys Quivers to quickly offer new buying experiences, going beyond anything they’ve launched before.
— Ruben Martin, CEO & Co-Founder, Quivers Inc.


Core Values

Trust: Trust can not be replaced 

Simplicity: Simplicity to solve complexity

Flexibility: Firm on the outcome, flexible on the journey

Perception: One person's craziness is another person's reality 

Focus: Vital few from the trivial many 

Resourcefulness: Small leaks sink big ships 

Candor: Above all, no bull sh$#! 



To provide brands with the freedom to choose:

Where to sell online

How to merchandise

Who fulfills the orders