Offer In-Store and Curbside Pickup Using Your Retail Network

Quivers’ In-Store and Curbside Pickup connects your brand’s ecommerce site into the physical footprint of your independent and national retailers, giving consumers premium click-and-collect options to help them shop happy.

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BOPIS & Curbside by Quivers

Many brands can already offer in-store pickup at their corporate-owned stores, but many face technological hurdles deploying pickup options with their external retailers. We’ve created a buy online pickup in-store (BOPIS) feature that includes real-time inventory tracking for retailers via their POS system. Brands can now improve their ecommerce experience with wider fulfillment options at checkout, capture the sale online, and generate real post-purchase foot traffic for their external retailers with accurate in-store pickup.


The same way you provide a variety of payment options at checkout, you also need to provide a variety of fulfillment options. Flexible fulfillment at checkout better meets consumer expectations and helps to convert latent demand on your website from consumers who want to purchase but have specific fullfilment needs.



Even consumers who are already making purchases on your site oftentimes have additional products that they want to buy, but they have an urgent need or want to avoid delivery fees, and leave these out of cart. By offering itemized fulfillment (mixed pick up and delivery per cart) you increase total order volume for each transaction.



50% of consumers say they decide where to shop online based on whether or not they can pick-up in-store. Don’t drive a customer to your competitor’s website over a simple fulfillment option. Especially, not when the technology to offer seamless in-store pickup is now available, making accurate retail pickup for brand ecom orders easier than ever.


Get accurate in-store pickup powered by POS Inventory Sync

With Point-of-Sale Inventory Sync for your retailers, brands can serve ecommerce options, like in-store pickup far more often, based on clean, updated inventory data and be confident that the product is in-store and available for pickup.

Let people shop how and where they want.


Your Retailers Are a Resource to Help Power Your Brand’s eCommerce Performance

Ecommerce is booming, but physical retail still has an important role to play in your business. The trick is integrating the online and offline shopping experience to best please your demanding customer base. If you’re looking for an ecom-first experience that blends perfectly into physical interactions, there’s a software just for that. Check us out

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