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Sync Retailer Inventory To Your Ecommerce Site

Quivers’ Point-of-Sale Inventory Sync lets your brand’s external retailers sync inventory in real-time with your ecommerce stores. Be confident that the product you sell online is in-store and available for pickup.
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Take the Tedium Out of Inventory Management

Retailers have a full-time job to do serving customers and can’t spend all their time managing finicky software. Setting up Quivers’ POS Inventory Sync only takes a few minutes and once configured automatically pushes inventory from the retailer’s point-of-sale system to the brand’s ecommerce website, ensuring an excellent customer experience both online and offline.

Inventory Management
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Gaining an accurate picture of your retailers’ inventory for ecommerce fulfillment has been a huge problem—until now!

A Special Commerce Platform for Special Brands

We built Quivers to serve the needs of speciality brands that aren’t just selling commodities. The commerce experience is different when you sell high-end performance products to technically discerning and demanding customers.

For brands needing commerce features that integrate online and physical channels to solve speciality distribution challenges—we’re the platform for you.

Special brands
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“We needed to find an ecommerce solution that would allow us to expand our online business quickly without losing control of our Brands. Quivers Connected Commerce Solution is the answer. In addition to brand control, the Quivers solution allows us to reduce the time and cost to promote and deliver our products through many more marketplaces.”

Jim Hunter, VP of Operations and CFO at Group Rossignol North America

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