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Dropshipping from Stores Lets Brands Selectively Route Ecom Orders For Retailer Fulfillment

Everyone want to sell direct online, but fulfilling individual consumer orders can be an operations nightmare. Routing a portion of ecommerce orders to retailers helps save on costs and allows you get your ops game up to speed.


Improve Order Routing & Fulfillment

Quivers lets you sell direct-to-consumer, complete the transaction on your website and then selectively route those orders to independent retailers, corporate warehouse or 3PLs for fulfillment, as best fits your operational needs.

Sell on your website with flexible fulfillment options

Make like easier with the power to sell on your website and selectively route orders for direct or retail-based fulfillment. Participating retailers simply pick, pack and ship—while you both enjoy the incremental revenue.

De-risk deeper stocking positions for retailers

Brands want to (and should) intensify their ecommerce efforts, but wholesale is still a core part of your business. Quivers lets you de-risk retailer inventory and improve turn-over by leveraging the power of your ecommerce site, which in turn increases B2B sell-in across accounts.

Want to learn more?

Request a demo to learn about our leading commerce platform for specialty brands—and how we perfectly blend online and offline shopping for brands with the most demanding consumers.


Powerful Integrations

Quivers is lightweight and we play nicely with everyone. Our platform plugs into your existing Order Management and ERP systems and has native plugins for most major e-commerce solutions like Magento, WooCommerce, Shopify, Drupal and more.


“We needed to find an ecommerce solution that would allow us to expand our online business quickly without losing control of our Brands. Quivers Connected Commerce Solution is the answer. In addition to brand control, the Quivers solution allows us to reduce the time and cost to promote and deliver our products through many more marketplaces.”

Jim Hunter, VP of Operations and CFO at Group Rossignol North America

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