Quivers: Powering the order fulfillment collaboration between brands and retailers, strengthening wholesale relationships, solving and simplifying inventory challenges while aligning with the online-to-offline expectations of the ever-evolving consumer.


Out-of-Stock Inventory Management

Never have out-of-stock items! It's not just about setting up an eCommerce channel on a website. Become omnipresent by leveraging your retailers' inventory by always offering product availability online at any hour of the day and in as many places as possible.


Exclusive Online Stores

Captivate a selective audience such as store employees, ambassadors, VIP members and pro riders, with a unique opportunity to buy items at the brand's controlled pricing and currency.


Channel Conflict Resolution

Support your brick-and-mortar retailers while eliminating cart abandonment! Create an endless aisle experience by leveraging your existing retailer's inventory to sell more products online.


In-Store Pickup and Ship-From-Store

Let the customer decide which method of fulfillment is best for them. Whether it's reducing shipping times or offering in-store pickup from a local fulfillment partner, offer online shoppers an incredible buying experience.


Global Sales

Selling globally online doesn’t have to require a significant investment. Maximize your revenue through existing infrastructure by capturing online-to-offline sales worldwide.

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Exclusive Online Stores







Full PCI Level 1 payment processing

Tokenized transactions

Optional 100% guaranteed fraud protection

Transactional security guaranteed

SaaS simplicity with powerful and comprehensive analytics

Fully self-managed flexibility for future changes and deployments

Control all aspects of your ecommerce deployments

Built-in global sales tax rules and rates

Identify and track multiple nexus locations

Automatic and accurate sales tax calculations for brands and retailers